7 Famous Full-Time Traveling Families of the World

Families on the road! Meet seven inspirational families that travel full-time and do it against all odds.Fearless would be the right word to describe these amazing families as they travel nomadically on a shoestring budget, moving from place to place with their kids, facing all their adventures and misadventures with courage.I’m certain there are couples who dream about travelling the world once their kids move out but there are also some couples who’d like to make their children a part of their travelling experience. If you belong to the latter group, then this list is for you:-

1. The Nomadic Family: Kobi, Gabi and their 3 children travel the world looking for inspiration and self-discovery. They say exploring the world was the best decision they’ve ever made and their experience as a full-time travelling family has been a mix of feelings ranging from messy and noisy to divine and peaceful. They maintain their itinerary by settling down momentarily for 1-3 months in the countries they visit and then move on.

2. The Dennings from Discover, Share, Inspire: The Dennings are a large family who travel the world with 5 children, the youngest being a mere 3 years old. They live a homeless, nomadic life out of a biofuel powered truck and are currently travelling from Alaska to Argentina with 5 children for company.

3. The Miller Family of the Edventure Project: The Millers are an eclectic bunch, they’ve travelled through 15 countries in six months and still believe that there’s a lot left to see. They travel with 4 children aged 9 to 15 who are growing up exploring the world. The family is currently planning a trip to South-East Asia where they plan to live for about a year.

4. Wagoner’s Abroad: They are an American family of 4 that currently lives in Spain. They’ve collectively travelled more than 35 countries in the last 20 years and are planning to visit Europe once their kids are out of school.

5. World Travel Family: A family of four that has been travelling since June 2013 and plan to stay on the road for another 12 months. The family is head by Alyson who is a medical scientist and James who is a chef. They have 2 kids D and Boo, both boys, who are currently being home schooled.

6. Bohemian Travelers: Mom, Dad and 3 intelligent boys who call themselves the Bohemian Family of adventurers. They’ve travelled through Central America and South East Asia and are currently in Phuket, Thailand. They don’t believe in having strict rules and make their path on the move, changing it when something interesting is encountered.

7. Travel with Bender: Josh and Erin from Travel with Bender left Australia in 2012 and have been travelling ever since. They’ve been to south-east Asia and then taken giant leap to the other side by visiting the US and Mexico. They travel with Mia and Caius who are aged 4 and 2 years respectively.

All of the travelling families in this list have shown determination and initiative by walking a path less traveled and their main aim has been to inspire other people to take an interest in travelling and experiencing the different cultures of the world. So next time you think of excuses for not being able to travel, think of these amazing families who inspite of having kids, inspite if not being rich have been able to fulfill their dreams of seeing the world.

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